The New Maid

Victoria was initially surprised. He sounded so strict and intimidating. Her body trembled a bit as she paid close attention to every word he said to her. As taken back as she was, she still took in everything he said; she did not miss a single detail of his requirements. After he was done and asked her if she understood, she merely gave him a small nod. It was then that she realized his palm was on her jawline. The warmth and softness from it only served to overwhelm her even more. She could feel her cheeks burning up, as she tried to remember how to speak.

"M-my name is Victoria… My dad… I’ve always lived with my dad, and he’s taken care of us all his life, but… Now he’s fallen gravely ill. He can’t work anymore, so we have no way to pay for any of our bills. On top of that, we need money for his medications and hospital bills."

She had managed to collect herself. Thinking about her situation with her dad was enough to bring her back down to Earth and get her focused.  

"I promise you, I will put everything I have into this position. I will never disobey you, and I’ll work my hardest."

Her voice was full of determination, but her face revealed how nervous she still was.

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